When MUB was born

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Empty Your Wardrobe was in search of a passionate craft maker who possesses a sustainable mindset and similar philosophy: to create concerning nature, to protect our heritage, to transform what is considered waste into beautiful products, to give a new life to old, unwanted fabrics and garments. Since the founding of EYW in 2015, the team has been trying to close the loop, to prolong the life cycle of the clothes that are collected or exchanged through swap markets.

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On the other side, Marta from Warm & Wild always dreamt of having a collection of sustainable clothes created with fabrics dyed by her with plant-based dyes. This was a way to make accessible to people a collection of clothes that shares the principles of zero-waste and sustainability. Without sewing or designing knowledge, Marta thought this dream was hardly impossible to achieve until the opportunity of creating MUB thanks to the Worth Partnership Project made it possible.

From her side, Dahlia Rodriguez was dreaming about making garments by reusing old textiles, especially bed linen sheets that she used to collect from flea markets and her grandmother’s house as well as applying craftsmanship techniques to use scraps in the creative process such as patchwork or weaving, both techniques she has been practising lately.

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