Timeless Jumpsuit

Classic and timeless, this sleeveless jumpsuit has a relaxed look that makes it perfect for weekends or vacation days. 

Made of discarded fabrics, the jumpsuit was hand-dyed by Warm and Wild with cochineal and eucalyptus combined to create this pattern. Due to the bundle dyeing process used, the pattern is unique and nobody else will wear a jumpsuit like this one. 

Using her imagination, Dahlia Rodríguez designed an oversized jumpsuit to allow you to move easily and follows MUB Collection shapes and minimal waste pattern design.

The raw materials are sourced thinking expressively on not damaging mother nature.

Our fabrics are carefully dyed with natural elements, and our garments are designed to feel nature close to our souls. 

Working with these fabrics was a luxury opportunity. Their unique colours, textures, and even smell, make them precious elements far away from their origin as discarded fabrics.

@ Laraonac Photography

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Designer @dahliarodriguezatelier

Brand @mubcollection

Fabric sourcer @empty.wardrobe

Natural dyer @warm_and_wild

Model @noenogar

Photography @laraonac

Make-up @cristinalobato_

Hair @saracalvomh