The Fucsia Overshirt

The main objective was to highlight the beautiful fabric dyed by Marta and create a timeless and genderless garment that can be worn by anyone at any time.

A Fucsia Overshirt, born during the lockdown, represents a blooming flower having another life, given a second chance after being forgotten. Now, shining again, it is so soft and supreme, with so many options to wear, versatile, stylish, and unique. As each piece of the MUB Collection, it is unique and magical.

For its manufacturing process, we used some of these “not-love-me-anymore” fabrics collected by Svetlana from Empty Your Wardrobe, who collected and sourced raw materials using innovative ways to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, which strongly impacted our plans for the organization of swap markets and events.

Fortunately, through partnership and cooperation with Greestreets Kolding, Green Kolding & Bygning5, Empty Your Wardrobe succeeded in organizing 3 swap markets last year in Denmark. At the end of Sept 2020 a new Swap Spot – a physical dynamic wardrobe for secondhand clothes exchange in Kolding to serve as a sourcing spot for the MUB Collection, was launched.

To naturally dye the overshirt, Marta from @warm_and_wild used cochineal dye, a very precious natural dye that was already used by the Aztec and Maya peoples of North and Central America as early as the second century BC! One of the few natural elements from which to obtain fuchsias, reds, maroons, and purple tones.

From its side, Dahlia Rodríguez, applied an oversized minimal waste pattern that could be adapted to other lengths, fabric´s weight, or even functionality.

© Laraonac Photography

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Designer @dahliarodriguezatelier

Brand @mubcollection

Fabric sourcer @empty.wardrobe

Natural dyer @warm_and_wild

Model @noenogar

Photography @laraonac

Make-up @cristinalobato_

Hair @saracalvomh