Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing is at the heart of the MUB Collection. From the very beginning, all founders agreed on using hand-dyeing with natural elements as a key to giving a new life to those fabrics collected. Our fabrics and raw materials are sourced via swap markets and strategic partnerships implemented by Empty Your Wardrobe.

Warm and Wild has been in charge of manipulating fabrics collected and coordinating the whole natural dyeing process using non-toxic sustainable dyes such as plants, flowers, and food waste – a technique emphasizing our commitment to zero-waste and circular economy values.

During the past few months, our co-partner Dahlia Rodriguez, who is a designer and dressmaker offering tailoring, quilting and training services, started experimenting with natural dyeing. She decided to dedicate more time in 2022 to quiltmaking and testing different natural dyeing techniques that could be applied to a second collection.

Step by step a second attempt brought our colleague Dahlia to start a quilt made of naturally dyed cotton scraps. Dalia found the chromatic effect so beautiful. To hand dye these fabrics she mostly used avocado bones and skins, walnuts with iron mordant, onion skins and rests of purple cabbage.

Finding inspiration in other artists such as Anni Albers and crafts techniques such as Boro, Dahlia applies patchwork and stitching offers wonderful opportunities to reuse scraps and not-loved-anymore fabrics. Being always nature our main inspiration, working with natural elements and respect for nature is our main purpose.

Keep posted to know more about how Dahlia applied this knowledge to our upcoming collection!