MUB is a brand that uses materials that are 95% surplus from textiles collected through partnerships such as Beirholm company and the Swap Spot initiative.

Waste is a big concern to us.

Swap Markets

Some other fabrics used by MUB Collection have been collected via social events for swapping clothes and accessories where people can renew their wardrobes with second-hand pieces and make more environmental choices.

Swap Spot

An initiative run by Empty Your Wardrobe and Food Reformers, offering citizens to renew their wardrobe in exchange for Wastecoins, making more sustainable choices. The space allows members of the community (and beyond) to swap their clothes, textiles, and accessories for new (but second-hand) ones displayed at Swap Spot. The aim is to generate a dynamic circular flow of second-hand goods within the community and to encourage citizens to choose secondhand instead of new by showing them its potential. For example, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, harmlessly experimenting with your style, and finding unique pieces embedded with stories and spirit.


Wastecoin aims to become a green cryptocurrency that measures an amount of CO2 emissions saved and that converts waste into value, to be spent on a multitude of sustainable offers (services and products) in the marketplace. It will be based on blockchain technology – providing transparency, traceability, and trust among users. 

Pop-up events

Challenging citizens to rethink their consumption habits. Short events, at the schools or on the streets, handing out free clothes and free food to raise awareness about the value of our waste.

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